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Welcome from the Moulin Kirk Trustees

Moulin Kirk TrustMoulin Kirk Trust: a Scottish Guarantee Company
Incorporated under Company Number SC288830
Registered Office 51 Atholl Road, Pitlochry PH16 5BU
Charity Number SC036883     

Moulin Kirk is situated in the centre of the conservation village of Moulin , near Pitlochry, Perthshire.

The present Kirk was rebuilt in 1875 after a devastating fire.

Its main features were an aisle which approached the Pulpit and Communion table from both sides, plus a superb area of galleried pews accessed from staircases by each of the two side entrances.

The Pulpit area of the Kirk has been retained and restored to its original layout using old photographs.   It is hoped this will become a 'quiet' area for people to reflect on the past populations, and their lives.

The Trustees have had the lease of the Church since 2006 and are slowly turning it into a Heritage Centre/Museum worthy of it's history and surroundings.

Comments from the Visitors’ book are very encouraging - here a just a few from the 2013 season:

"Interesting information on the local area"

"Keeping the past alive"

"Excellent use of building"

"Local history very well displayed"

Why not become a member of Moulin Kirk Trust and help support your local heritage centre. Application forms are available from the centre during opening hours. Subscriptions for 2014 are £10 for single membership, £16 for family membership and £20 for corporate membership.

Moulin Kirk

Moulin Kirk Trust, Moulin, Pitlochry

Moulin Kirk Trust
Moulin Kirk,
Moulin Square
PH16 5EH

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